Project Photos





Dock leveller

Double Girder Grabber

Sewage Plant

Motorised Jib Crane

Technical Specialist Work

Shopping Mall Decorative Frame

Single and Double Girder Cranes

See Through Good Lift

Transparent Goods Hoist

Pawell Project

Wire Rope Winch Installation


Penang Hill Double Girder Crane

Small Winch Crane For Construction Side

Penang Bridge Tower

Replace TBM Hoist Onto Other Cranes

Over Head Crane With Wire Rope Hoist

Pillar Mounted Slewing Jib

Motorized Chain Hoist & Monorail Beam

Modify SR Hoist Onto Other Cranes

Modify Hoist & Long Travel Drive

Mobile Jib Crane

Installation Of 3 Units Crane

Installation Of Monorial Wire Rope Hoist

Hacking, Piling, Cutting & Contruct Footing

Extended Beam Monorial Chain Hoist

Double Girder Magnet Turn Table Crane

Outdoor Monorail Hoist

Goods Hoist

Double Hoist Electric Chain – Ice Factory

Dismantling & Shifting Of Grantry Crane

Chain Hoist On An Oval Shape Structure

Install Over head Crane

Assembling Over Head Crane

Install Over head Crane

40 Tons Test Load

Double Girder Overhead Crane Install

Install New 10 Ton Hoist Onto New Girder

12.5 Ton Double Girder Load Test

16 Ton Crane Load Test By JKKP

2015 Shanghai Company Trip

2016 Taiwan Company Trip

Token Of Appreciation