NEMA Class F insulation, resistance of up to 150°C motor winding temperature. The aluminium alloy motor housing is light weight and provides good heat dissipation, allowing up to 30 minutes of continuous duty. Fully enclosed robust design makes it most suitable for application in foundries, electroplating factories etc.

Motor Brake:
Spontaneous and accurate magnetic brake cuts in when power supply is interrupted.

Limit Switch:
The limit switch prevents over winding which stops the hoist in case of over lifting or over-lowering.

Reduced Headroom:
Distance in between upper and lower hook is shorter, as low as 480 mm for 1 Ton and 635 mm for 2 Ton.

48 V Control:
Prevents injury in the event of current leakage arising from the push-button control unit.

Link Chain:
Japanese-made FEC 80 super alloy steel, heat treated chain suitable for application in harsh environments.

Hot forged, excellent strength and tough with Safety catches fitted on top and bottom of hook. Bottom hook swivels through 360°.

Motorized Trolley:
Developed with exclusive motor combined directly with trolley brake for simple mechanism and accurate positioning of load.

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