SR Wire Rope Hoist represents a revolutionary new generation of exceptionally reliable electric wire rope hoists, featuring advanced technology and cutting-edge performance combines with the latest in manufacturing and materials technology.

It is metric capacity rated, heavy-duty, has higher lifting speeds and precise positioning control demanded by industry worldwide. Unique features included low maintenance, sealed brakes, a single or two-speed hoist motor and trolley to meet a wide variety or application requirements.


Hoist Motors:
Parallel solid rotor, high torque squirrel cage motors designed specifically for hoisting applications, allowing 45% ED and 240 starts per hour as standard. With 60% ED, 300 starts per hour available. Class F insulation is standard. Higher insulation classes are achievable for specific applications.

Inverter e-Drives Traversing:
State of the art flux vector drives providing stable load holding at all hoisting speeds. Dynamic braking and controlled acceleration provide smooth load handling with a minimum of wear to the hoist mechanism.

Hoist Brake:
Single disc, fail-safe electromechanical brake, energized separately from the motor, with direct current to ensure a positive action. Fitted directly onto the hoist gearbox input shaft, the brake provides greater safety than traditional motor mounted brakes. Factory set torque needs no adjustment. Requires minimal maintenance but is positioned for easy monitoring.

Comprises a fully enclosed oil-immersed, triple reduction gear train with SNCM21 for maximum wear resistance and strength. All shafts are supported on high quality rolling element bearings for quiet efficient operation and maximum life. Drive to the box is via a flexible coupling and NCM4 shaft drive.

Rope Drum:
Precision machined to ensure strength and rugged durability compared to casting. All steel drums are mounted on heavy duty precision ball bearing.

Current Failure Protection (Optional):
A device that detects reverse phase or phase lose. Hoisting will be halt until problem is rectified, thus prolong equipment life.

Electronic Overload Device (Optional):
A sensitive strain gauge and electronics that allow the accurate assessment of loads, load weighing and slack rope detection.

Wireless Remote Control (Optional):
Improve production and safety by controlling from a safe location. Password protection feature prohibit unauthorized operation.

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